PV of Life Saving Commodities Contents

The United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities (UNCoLSC) have identified 13 commodities that can improve reproductive, maternal, child and new-born health and are estimated to be able to save an estimated 6 million lives. The FINAL REPORT of the Commission is available here. These products are however not widely accessible nor available due to several reasons including regulatory barriers, lack of awareness of their existence and use and quality and safety issues.

The medical products listed on the UNCoLSC are all incorporated in the current version of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. Access the list here

The products available are generally considered to have very favourable benefit-risk profiles. However, the countries where these products will make the greatest impact are not known to have robust pharmacovigilance systems. As such, it is important to support the PV infrastructure in these and all other countries to ensure that the promotion of increased access to these life-saving commodities is accompanied by equally active promotion and improvement of the PV systems to provide continuous assurance of the safety of the products

The PV of Life Saving Commodities toolkit provides information on these products and gives guidance on the safety monitoring and development of risk management plans for some of these products.

Based on country demand, more generic risk management plans and guidance will be provided on these pages. For help and assistance, all interested stakeholders should contact info@who-pvafrica.org